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Welcome to Edgewood Gardens and Design, where we take great care to provide you with the garden of your dreams!

Here at Edgewood Gardens and Design, we take great pride in creating and maintaining garden spaces for both large and small properties. We specialize in horticultural landscaping, offering a variety of services to support our clients in designing gardens that meet their needs and passion for beautiful outdoor spaces. Our crew has 30+years experience in year round garden care, installation, plant propagation, and design. We treat your garden as we would our own, taking great care and pride in all aspects of our job. Edgewood Gardens and Design offers on site one on one consultations with our clients to insure complete understanding of the clients short and long term gardening goals. We listen, guide, and work closely with clients to fulfill their vision for the creation and care of their gardens. 


Lesslie, the owner and founder of Edgewood Gardens and Design, is a fourth generation gardener and the daughter of a pioneer native woodland garden specialist. Lesslie is driven by the importance of supporting and creating meadow and woodland garden habitats that feed and host our pollinators: Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Insects. These creatures are so vital to the health and well being of our Earth and ecosystems. 


We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to create the gardens of your dreams.

"We treat your garden as we would our own." 

-Lesslie Preston Jeanes, Owner.

Our Vision

Here at Edgewood Gardens & Design we offer a variety of services from reclaiming overgrown gardens to mulching, from design to delivery of materials.

Though we have a broad spectrum of abilities, our main focus is creating garden habitats that protect and preserve our environment and the animals that inhabit it. 

We specialize in the design and installation of meadow and woodland gardens. These special creations feed our pollinators, attract beautiful wildlife, and beautify your landscape.

Specialized Focus

Meadow Gardens

The team at Edgewood has found the importance of Meadow Gardening through years of perfecting our craft and specializing our focus into a horticultural design method that is vital to the stability of our environment. One of the most important aspects of Meadow gardens is creating a space that include native plants, as to feed our pollinators: the bees, birds, butterflies, and other insects. Not only do these types of gardens create an important habitat for the animals in our environment, they also make for stunning plants that will catch anyone's eye. We are knowledgeable on a large variety of meadow plants that will be great additions to your garden space and we can provide them through our adjacent nursery: Perennial Love.

Woodland Gardens

Woodland Gardens make for beautiful shade spaces and add a more natural structure to your landscape. We all love the calmness that Nature invokes; with adding Native Woodland plants to your garden design-you can have that in your own yard. Planting Woodland Natives feeds our native insects and helps pollinators continue to feed our surrounding plants. Not only does our team at Edgewood make it easy to implement these plants into your garden space, we also take the time to explain why each plant we supply is important to your landscape. We carry native woodlands in our adjacent nursery: Perennial Love.

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