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Here are just a few of the services we have to offer, we love taking on new challenges and are very accommodating to special request.  

Garden Design

Our owner and head designer has had 15+ years experience in horticultural design. She is not limited by space; ranging from small-scaled home gardens to large property landscape designs. 

Property Management

Our owner, Lesslie Jeanes, has had many years of experience, not only running small private homes, but managing all landscape needs at large properties. She works with skilled professionals to ensure every need of your landscape is met.

Reclaiming Landscapes

Your garden spaces are important to maintain, but we understand that can be hard to do with your busy schedule-so we make sure to take care of that for you! We will reclaim overgrown areas and bring them back to the pristine landscapes they once were. We also take precautionary measures to ensure your garden stays beautiful all year round with our seasonal maintenance.   

Garden Creation

Our crew does installation of the garden spaces we design. Your plants deserve the best care possible, that's why we use all natural products, create drainage for your plants, amend soil, and use high quality fertilizers. We offer delivery of materials, including plants from our adjacent nursery Perennial Love. 

Meadow & Woodland Gardens

We find it very important for our garden spaces to incorporate Native Meadow and Woodland Plants that nourish our pollinators and create a natural feel to your horticulture spaces. To learn more about why we love incorporating these plants from our Nursery: Perennial Love, click here

Garden Preservation

We find maintaining gardens to be as important as initially installing them. We want your horticultural landscapes to be something you can enjoy for years to come. That is why we continue to care for your spaces throughout the year with organic fertilizing, pruning, edging, mulching, and many more specific seasonal care routines that nourish your plants and keep them flourishing every year! 

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