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Edgewood's Fall Festival @ FIREFLY!

Our Fall Festival, held at FIREFLY in Charlottesville, was a wonderful success! We celebrated the start of Fall with four great, local businesses and of course – our

awesome customers! People from all over Charlottesville and surrounding counties enjoyed a number of activities, delicious food and coffee (from Mud House Coffee Roasters), and shopped our diverse selection of plant materials and designs. If you missed this event, don’t worry, we are planning more for next year! Read more to hear all about the fun we had with these amazing local businesses!

Edgewood Gardens and Design owner, Lesslie Jeanes, is also part-owner of a plant nursery in Charlottesville that focuses on Native Woodland and Meadow plants. These beautiful plants are all organically grown and well cared for year-round with her business partner, Terry Lilley. They focus on the importance of Native plants to aid in the feeding of our pollinators and to bring beauty into all your garden spaces. At our Fall Festival many plants were for sale including: lavender (theirs is the lushest lavender I have ever seen- pictured below), Autumn ferns, Bee Balm, Native Grasses, etc. If you missed out on purchasing these gorgeous plants, have no fear, there are still some for sale! Contact Lesslie and Terry at either or go to Perennial Love's Facebook Page for more information.

Those interested in plant installation, it’s your lucky day! Lesslie’s business: Edgewood Gardens and Design specializes in the design and installation of flowers, shrubs, and even small trees. We always use organic materials while planting and amend the soil during the planting process with our special techniques to create the best possible growth for your plants. At our Fall Festival we had a large tent for EG&D – with many potted plant designs for sale, information about our services (which you can find at this link), and an incredible GIVEAWAY!

One of our crew members created beautiful indoor succulent and exotic plant designs. They flew off the tables – with only a few leftover at days end! What can we say? Our customers know a good deal when they see one 😊 We created these designs with the idea of “minimal effort” – we wanted our customers to be able to add something beautiful to their homes without the stress of needing to water often – so we purposely chose plants that were hearty and striking. Edgewood will be branching out (pun intended), offering services this Fall and Winter for indoor plant designs. Send us a message at or to let us know you’re interested in this exciting offer!

Lesslie, created her specialty outdoor, Fall potted-plant designs with beautiful perennials! She designs many potted plants this way for clients so that when they are done blooming, they can be transplanted in the Spring or Fall into your gardens and be enjoyed for years to come. If your interested in sprucing up your front porch make an appointment here for a free consultation or message us at

Our final item at the Edgewood Gardens and Design tent was one of our most exciting – our GIVEAWAY! We held a 10-day online Giveaway on our Facebook Page and gave an extra ticket to each person who attended our event that signed up for our Newsletter. We drew our first and second place winners at the end of the day and our winners were ecstatic! They claimed HUGE gift baskets from Edgewood (images below). We enjoyed gifting gardening tools, bulbs, fall themed items, and gift certificates from both Edgewood and FIREFLY – it’s always good to share in gardening fun! I know you’re probably bummed if you didn’t win this time – but no worries, we will be throwing giveaways at each event and throughout the year of 2019 – so keep an eye on our social media!

Our event held so much joy and laughter - whether it was playing with bubbles, carving pumpkins, eating delicious food, drinking amazing coffee, petting the sweet animals that came by, or checking out all the amazing plants for sale! We look forward to our events coming next Spring, Summer, and Fall with FIREFLY Cville! We hope to see you all there!

-The Team @ Edgewood Gardens and Design (written by: Ellie Jeanes)

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